"First Thing First"

[Intro: Yhung T.O.]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy

[Verse 1: Yhung T.O.]
Sending shots at you n*ggas, you can't duck that
And my n*ggas bust first we don’t bust back
And n*gga love will get you killed, we don't love back
And that mouse will get you trapped, we don't cuff rats
Trif’ b*tch we don't text back
Ain't no call back b*tch stop and that's all caps
Big money balling on these n*gga's what you call that?
Lil' n*gga come and get your ball back
SOB x RBE we clutch poles
With this Glock 23 I'll take a n*gga's soul
With these diamonds in my tooth, I’ll take a n*gga’s ho
18k on that chain I'll take a n*gga gold

[Chorus: Yhung T.O.]
I’ll admit I been a little crazy, lately
Tell me could you save me baby
And you know I got that dope like the 80's baby
You ain't my main you can't be posted on my AD baby
First things first you see me out you know I’m clutching
Ain't no fighting, ain't no fussing
We just upping, no discussion
I won't argue with no n*gga, I don't argue with my cousin
Or my brother or my motherf*ckin' mother, on my mother
Talking on DaBoii, I'ma muf*ckin' touch ya
I'm a muf*ckin' demon, I'm a muf*ckin' monster
If I had to pick the closest it'd be my motherf*ckin' fam
And if I had to pick a whip it'd be a motherf*ckin' Lam
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