"Da Robbery, Pt. 1"

[Verse 1: DaBoii]
Woke up at nine with my Glock on the dresser
Suckas want me dead so I just copped for the better
'Cause I'ma let it blow 'fore I get cropped on a sweater
But still ain't got nothing to prove, I am not with the extras
Brush my teeth and put on my clothes
b*tch I never been no ho and I put that on bro
n*gga plottin' on DaBoii he must put sh*t up his nose
'Cause only .22 and up what I put in my pole
Walked out the house, and brodie pulled up
Got in the whip, asked if he's holding he said you know that it's tucked
And we been anti our whole life so they don't know that much of
To get the day started off right we poured a four in the cup
b*tch it's Mufasa and The Demon no one closer than us
Acting tough, acting a scrub come on we know it's a bluff
When you get your pack from Berner gotta roll that much up
And I don't gotta do the job 'cause I got bro in the cuts
On the gang

[Verse 2: Yhung T.O.]
I say, "Brodie pass the blunt, why you keep hoggin' the sh*t?"
Lil' baby hit my phone she tryna argue and sh*t
Stop at the sucka store I'm tryna get in some sh*t
But n*ggas never be outside 'cause they scared to get hit
So I got back in the whip head straight to the north
Vallejo to be exact, that's where I jumped off the porch
Where you must not value life if you don't rock with the torch
You know I used to play ball but I got tired of the sport
We got choppers, we got sticks that blow way louder than yours
When I was out robbing n*ggas you was still doing chores
I bounce out and slide on n*ggas if I'm feeling too bored
She never met nobody like me 'cause her man was dork
Which Glock should I rock? Meeny, miny or moe?
You can call me what you want, just don't call me a ho
Hit the plug like, "Where you at? What you got for the low?"
b*tch it's The Demon and Mufasa, we got shots for a hoe
On the gang

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