Lil Rece produced it
What are you n*gga made out of metal?
You must be made out of metal, I hope so

Why n*ggas woofin on the Gram like they can't get touched?
Where I'm from the innocent turn angel dust
Living in hell, I can't tell you what an angel was
Went to church asked the preacher do he pray for thugs
Heard they want me on that tee but ain't brave enough
And I was really in that field you ain't slave enough
Stacking for the rainy days, you ain't save enough
In that jungle with the wolves you ain't safe enough

I hate to see them loved ones start to changing up
Life a gamble, get the dice, won't you shake it up
b*tch I'm really authentic I can't make sh*t up
Turn your brother to a picture, have you hang it up
My circle been closed for years you can't hang wit' us
To get where I wanna be I just can't give up
And I been feeling like I'm falling and I can't get up
n*gga claim he want smoke n*gga take a puff
When that pressure on, we wit' all that
I'm the man in this b*tch, n*gga all caps
I ain't listening to n*ggas they be all cap
n*gga not one opinion n*gga all facts
Don't say you love me if you can't tell me why
And the way a n*gga live it feel televised
Like my b*tch hella rude, never hella nice
If them Cooks don't stink they ain't smelling right
I can knock a rich b*tch with no second try
n*gga we ain't decorate better recognize
You n*ggas running from the truth with them selling lies
I done stopped going to parties, hard to catch a vibe
All you hear is gunshots if you mess with mine
Trying to focus on myself focus next in line
Told my girl, "Don't wanna rush, can we give it time?"
When I'm gone on that road is it even mine?
Yeah I hope so, but I don't know so
When we was young n*ggas, we was grown folks
When it's war time, n*ggas no shows
When it come to Ben Frank I got a boat load
All my n*ggas big dogs y'all some bozos
And I been balling for a minute I might go broke
SOB b*tch betcha I'm in go mode
Feel like Deebo in this b*tch, worried 'bout no hoes
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