Yhung T.O.

"We Don’t Miss sh*t"

[Verse 1: DaBoii]
You see them diamonds on the neck so don't ask why she chose
We got guns way bigger than theirs boy you know height froze
You know how they be under pressure ain't no high toe
Tough on the net, see me you duck so tell me how you belong
Your bro be f*ckin' on your b*tch so tell me how she owes
Hotboxing we so loud you smell it out the door
And I'm the one who call the shots I feel like Al Capone
Ain't supposed to be around no guns but I'm still bound to tote
Can't count how many times you lied but I can count a loaf
Used to be natural high off life but now I'm 'bout to smoke
YWN since 97 I feel kind of old
Remember riding stolen bikes sh*t was a while ago

[Chorus: Yhung T.O.]
And I just hopped up out that Benz wit' my thick fist
All that dissing on the gang get your clique hit
All that speaking on my name get your b*tch hit
Me and bro back to back we don't miss sh*t
I just hopped up out that Benz wit' a thick b*tch
Twenty bands on some guns we got big sh*t yeah
All that dissing on the gang get your clique hit yeah
Baby hoppin' in my bag on some rich sh*t yeah

[Verse 2: DaBoii]
You watched your n*gga get beat down, what kind of bro is you?
And you can lie to them hoes but we know the truth
You a reflection of your b*tch, I see the ho in you
Low and I don't need to be, no one I owe it to
Handyman with all these tools, come get your home improved
Shout out to Glock that's the reason why your homie moved
b*tch don't you bother coming 'round 'cause I am over you
If it was money on my head n*ggas is overdue
She like, "I want the old you back, I hate the older you"
You supposed to squeeze until it click that's how you overshoot it
These drugs ain't left my system yet 'cause I been going through it
YWN, SOB you n*ggas know the movement
She like when I be off the Heen 'cause I be so abusive
This air we breathe nothing but toxic the world is so polluted
Oh you keep strap and you don't lack? But is you known to use it?
And I just left my soul wit' the mic this sh*t is more than music
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