Yhung T.O.

"Like You"

[Verse 1: Yhung T.O.]
Big Glock case a n*gga ever try to play me
Two chains on my neck cost a soft eighty
Baby tell me what you need it ain't sh*t to pay
You know I only rock with shooters I be living dangerous
But I'm changing
Still growing up making mistakes I'm just famous
So everything in the public
But you can ask the opps n*gga they know how we bomb 'em
Sorry baby I be gone a lot
Not at home a lot
Another tour, another show I'm getting dough a lot
Judging by how these n*ggas talk, would think I owe a lot
But these n*ggas wasn't around before the gang was hot
Let you drive that foreign, switch them lanes a lot
Know you gon' grow a lot
Just hope that you don't change a lot

[Chorus: Yhung T.O.]
And I done been all around the world
Still ain't never met another girl, like you
I just want a boy, maybe a girl
And when we do I hope my daughter come out looking just like you
Lot of these b*tches don't like you 'cause of me
And these n*ggas hate me just because I got you
Don't wanna start over without you
But if I do I hope my next b*tch lie to me just like you
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