Yhung T.O.

"Get Me Rich"


[Chorus: Yhung T.O.]
Young n*gga never had sh*t
On the block I was stuck in that field
I never told, never will
On my soul, never fold, never been
I remember when I told my b*tch
Run up my bag get me rich
Run up my bag get me rich
And a n*gga been on ever since

[Verse 1: Kiingrod]
I ain’t playin’ with these b*tches when I [?] in my chips
Put that sh*t up baby you gon’ make a n*gga rich
Took my first 20 bands [?] LV
I been on ever since
Me and the gang gon’ eat
Never switched up
Never will I turn fake
It’s all love with the gang and it goes both ways
Starvin’ every day now we eatin’ big plates
Can’t say I’m rich yet but a lot done change
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