"Michael Jordan"

I was 14 and losing ground
In a black top of a town
When no one wins and no one's leaving

My dad said "Son, just finish school
Because this world can be so cruel"
I said "You too" and kept on dreaming

I'm nothing like you, nothing like you
Why don't you know anything about me?
And I swear somehow I'll make you proud
But why you wanna always go and doubt me

Story of my life in 1995
A hero in Chicago, a legend in my mind
A million lonely nights
A million times I tried
To jump like Michael Jordan
But never quite as high

When I was 19 I ran so far
They couldn't catch me on the yard
I traveled unfamiliar places

My dad said "Son, just come back home
You won't survive out on your own
You're on a fast break running aimless"
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