"Bars in Cars"

[Verse 1]
Brother what are you saing?
I'm rising up the food chain
Doing shows in Ukraine
I’m coming from the East-mids, the centre of the UK
And when I do shows abroad, I know there's no dank there
So i pack packs in the suitcase
Next to the flannel and the toothpaste
Been at it from a yout'age
Runnin’ from the feds, momma never knew we blew chase
Praying things would soon change
Now I'm in the game and I run it, like I'm Usain
Never had nobody that could take me out that dark place
Had to go and do that sh*t myself, I learnt the hard way
Work for this, never had no rep for my last name
Now you catch me on the main stage round half eight
And I shut it down
Man are tryna tell me i should dumb it down
Right now I'm feeling like the man, I feel above the grond
Fans tryna run me down
Sprinting like some hunting hounds
Gone a long way from doing shows for a hundred pound
You ain't got a thing to say
Same sh*t different day
Some day i sit and pray, wishing i could slip away
n*ggas tryna dig my grave
They can feel the ricochet
Next year I'mma take a flight and I'mma bring my bae
I'mma bring my boo
Kick back bill a zoot
Bunnin’ off forbidden fruit, soon we got gorilla glue
Free my brother from that jail house, clapping prison food
Late night eating dry bread and a tin of soup
I’m a mazza on the beat, boogers on my feet
Fans tryna take snaps when i walk street
I tell 'em feel free
Every ting silky
I’m still deep, 'bout to kill the game with some real heat
Real recognise
Fake you, step aside
Hot spice, take your time
Two minds, Gemini
Facts, I don't tell a lie
Life got me energised
n*ggas say they backin' till it’s crackin', then they never ride
Bars, i got bare
I ain't talking 'bout Koala
They burn a man like lava, then I think about it after
Bars, i got bare
But you bite like piranha
Got yourself in problems, all types of drama
Bars, i got bare
I ain't talking 'bout a polar
My girl loves me and she hates me, she's bipolar
All my brothers kings, turn a thrown to a sofa
I don't do no uber
Bro i got a chauffeur
Bars, i got bare
I ain't talking 'bout a panda
Late nights doin' cyphers outside of Asda
Black girl loves me, she says she's from Uganda
White girl loves me, she calls herself Amanda
Bars, i got bare
I ain't talking 'bout a grizzly
Right hook dangerous
Knock you out swiftly
f*cking with me's risky
Make a man history
Dig a man six feet
Tell a man mince meat
Seen n*ggas turn cats, no saber tooth
Plus you're lying as well, you need to say the truth
Come against Eyez then you aim to lose
I got your girl in your crip tryna play my tunes
Seen man turn cats, I ain't talking tiger
Outside of the rave, begging for a fiver
Girls want a real G, yeah they want Elijah
Told her suck don't blow, it's not a breathalyser
Cats i ain't talking cougar
He was top shooter, now he's just a user
That's why we don't care how bad you are
I seen n*ggas turn to cats no jaguar
He was top shooter, he's just a user
He just turned to cat like a puma
Seen n*ggas turn to cats no leopard
Putting in that effort

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