This is football
Not basketball
Your girl looks cool
And she's got an Arsenal
To the bumper
That's where my hand move
From a Man City where the girls war Man U
You best hope that your wife ain't on me
Giving bird eyes
Make them Swansea
b*tches ain't in my division
I keep them on leads
Red heads, brunettes and blondies
Yats lick man
Start f*cking them
Spur of the moment
I end up with a Tottenham
Man learn from that cah life's a lesson
Bun zest for your stress now your eyes are Reading
Couple man can't hack it
Gotta turn criminal
Bore you in your organs
Leave you in a Liverpool
Living on the wing
So you're acting like you're on it
When I tie them up in Notts
Imma dash him in the Forrest
Man are selling to the yardies
Giving them the brown weed
Debted up Derby
And now we gotta Counties
And we ain't gonna stop till I'm living lavish
In my Newcastle
Or my Crystal Palace
Park the Aston at my Villa
Floss with my guap dash the ashtray to my n*gga
I might run up in your best mates ?
It's an invasion like MK Dons
Instant injuries
You can get rolled on
Better lock your door up
Better put the Bolton
Cause most of my mandem are Wanderers
Creepy like Crawley
Feds are getting onto us
In school i was Brighton no one helped me
Missed school
Said I was a fool but Chelsea
You ain't a hustler you don't get them papes
You shot food once a week call it Shef Wednesday
Yo I can make your Ipswich
I can make your back turn
I be smoking silver haze and you'll be smoking Blackburn
n*gga you come like a prisoner
Get a vice, put your head in the Middlesborough
We ain't the same, we ain't alike, we ain't similar
If a girl Everton fake I'm Wigan her
If she's sexy still
Yeah if she's sexy still
Then I give a b*tch a ?
And give her Chesterfield

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