Beverley lyrics


YRN Murk

(Ricky Racks)
(L-L-Lit Gang)
Yea, Yea
Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea

Get a n*gga wack, pay a little money (Psh, Psh, Psh, Psh)
Quarterback b*tch, and countin' all these hunnids (Shh, Shh)
In the kitchen cookin', smelling like some fires (like some fires)
Time to fine to a dime to a hunnid
These n*ggas ain't talking bout nothin' ('Bout nothing)
One call and I'm pushin' a button (One call)
If I'm up then you know I'm gon buss it (Bow)
Smokin' runts in my back with this russian
Ain't no talkin', now end of discussion (Shut up)
In my truck, it filled up with artilleries
Sellin' white girl, her nickname is Hilary
Came back from choppin' out the 'partments to beverley

Top out the thing, gonna get it (Get it)
Look at him smoking on midget (Look at em')
[?] with the digit (Math)
Pay a dime and leave em' missing (Gone)
Fed her with a [?] (Fed her)
Got your b*tch all up in my mansion (Lil b*tch)
Drill her leg like a dennis (Drill her)
f*ck dennis, Imma menace (f*ck em)
223 all up in my kitchen (Brrr)
Scaling up a couple pounds (Baw)
That's sum killers, cost sum round's (Right here)
Pull up rondo, window down (Brrr)
Glock .40 with no sound (Shh)
Ran outta whitney, got sum bobby brown
Balenciaga, catch me walkin' the style
Your honor mission, walkin' for a mile
Mexican plug, he said bout them lows
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