"2020 The Food 2"

IT's ya boy y'all ready know
Your looking at the VY Coach thats fo show
I’M Teaching free users its the way to go
Tryna get their credit cards for VY Pro
Call me coach
Your express to prospecj lobets
Makin you stand out
So your sales ain't complex
Call me coach
Get yo ass of the bench
Stand up, click record
Hop on the field of content
If you stuck, just grab my hand
Hit the rocket , fly high into the video land
Understand that im your friend
Tryna Show you the world of a modern salesman

BDR land is where to be
We got spiff every single week
Getting 5 quals is what we dream
Unless you performing like my friend Sristhii

Its little M right over here
Waking up early to them deals
When facing rejection - I see matt and sean
Boys are like a wall that i'm always leaning on

Prospecting is what we do
Increase vidyards revenue

Yall looking nice - looking real dressy
Imma pass this mic to my friend, heres jesse

I’m dropping messaging - again and again
About how to position PV to get a quick win

I’ll do anything to help you - i’ll travel the globe
If it’ll make the team happy i’ll pierce my j lobe

I’m last to leave the office - been in since dawn
All my decks are just like jimmy - a winner - Gagnon

I was made for rap committee
Wanted this in a bad way
Every time im up on stage they be calling me gadway

TV TC T3 oh yes
Here’s another two letter name you better know, BS
It’s my boy blake smith, and you already know
He used to be the rap committee but he started to blow
What’s the matter blake? knees weak, arms are heavy?
We’d get him up on stage, but he’s out of gas like the bevvy

Last verse - this is it - we earned our rapping degree
Jesse, Madiah and Yo Boy, and we’re done like J+P

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