Yung Mavu


I come smoother than a tesla ride the beat just like a bus
Swear they ain’t ready for me I swear they ain’t ready for us
Who you trust, the same n*ggas I done walked with through the dust
Show em love and if you ain’t gang then we don’t give a f*ck
I pull up imma sip a cup then I f*ck it up
Get me high imma call the plug he gon pass the dutch
Swear to god I ain’t going down only was is up
Swear to god i ain’t going down only way is up

I’m on my goofy sh*t when I fight through the night just like the joker
Imma call her up she bust it down and bend it over
I swear they chose us we ain’t losing focus
We already knew but it’s for y’all n*ggas to notice
I’m gon treat her nice I’ll f*ck up her life
Make her come alive make her think that one day she gon be my wife
But no imma cut her off she don’t get no love
Not from me not from family none of the above

All she want is drugs she wanna get up
I can help her
She wanna f*ck yea she wanna suck
I can help her
Hiding from yo man pull up with ya friends
I got shelter
I gave her drank now she wanna dance
I can help her
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