Sam Tompkins

"​google luv"

[Verse 1]
Throwin' stones is easy for ya
Broken bones, I’m here for ya
Always, always
I can't lie I fear for ya
Till I'm left in tears for ya
Always, always
Always the same, you’re not to blame
Always the same, you're not to blame

I wanna be the one that you been callin'
So it's hurtin' me to know that you are fallin'
Want you to wake up with me every single mornin'
If you don't then I know I’m not important
I love every single thing about you
When you look at me I start to feel useful
I know that the world, it can be brutal
’Cause I found out about you on Google

[Verse 2]
You care
You just haven't seen me cry with your eyes
Cry with your eyes
It isn’t fair
That the media is spreadin' these lies
They're spreadin' you thin
So thin
Don’t worry about me
I'll be fine if I have enough time to adore ya
If I don't then I guess that I'm a goner
Don't worry about me, yeah
All I gotta do is just get rid of your lawyer
He just wants you to himself, he's a liar
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