Pops afk for a decade
Wanna make him proud so I send him all my essays
Must be a cowboy, he works in the states
He sent me a Game Boy, I’m scared it will break

Now I’m sixteen and a bit of a nuisance
Smoking cigarettes and always playing truant
Man is not a robot, man is just human
Don’t give a f*ck man, whole thing’s ruined

[VERSE 1 - Thiago]
Ok, got some sh*t need to get off my chest
It's like f*ck your clique I'ma lickedy-split
It's all fake, don't stick, y'all don't really exist
Better hop off quick like Jiminy Crix

Step outside, “brrr,” it's chilly as bricks
f*ck mother nature, give the titty a flick
Stay gold like Wonka, Willy with tix
sh*t's mine, hard to break like obsidian picks

Silly rabbit my Trix are for kids
Toxic like Britney I did it again
Talk myself down, talk myself down off the ledge
I know it's all in my head

Wait, I been the final boss since start screen (yes)
Always flying off like Starscream (jet)
I think you should take my car keys
I just need a place in my head with no talking

[HOOK X 4 - Thiago & Whyandotte]
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
Great, now the whole thing's all ruined
Great, now the whole thing's all ruined

[VERSE 2 - Whyandotte]
You peons should begone
Before you start leaking like Freon
Anybody can get it like neon… Get it? Hope so
Westside motherf*cker where the dope grows

Been the same way since ocho
Oh no nueve, I'm shaking hands, I'm kissing babies
I'm Becky Lynch, I've been the man, never no b*tch
Still smack a hater while I'm playing my switch

[VERSE 3 - Miles Powers]
It was like that when I got here (I swear!)
Stole the f*cking bike rack with your f*cking bike yea
What you gonna do? I know it’s not fair
Put it into high gear, jump shot wet like a bioswale

Dumb idea “wasn’t my idea” bet
Couple years in I’m a verified vet
So what you got against me? Jealousy and envy
CD rolling ten deep in the Benz jeep

Us plus the driver, double-buckled up
Motherf*cker yup, you ugly
Got Oblivion face, you live in a game
I'm living my life ambivalent like I live in a daze

We living in an age where you got no excuse
Not to get it how you want like your pops didn't do
Been living by the bar but it won't cost y'all
f*ck a job I'm my own boss dog

[HOOK X 4 - Thiago & Whyandotte]

[VERSE 4 - Chris Wright]
Politicking ain’t a part of me
I just put all of my faith in the base
Came here to clear up my name like I’m Roger the Rabbit
But ended up breaking your face

I couldn’t ever forgive myself
I’ve been a, I’ve been a, I’ve been a menace for a days
They don’t know how I can keep up the motions in public
But you know I still got my ways

I made depression my b*tch, I don’t who I can talk to about it
So I just stay home and we play on my switch
‘Bout to make it so much fashionable
When I put it all that sh*t on on my wrist

You bought your sh*t off of Wish
I don’t put faith into nothing but me
And my homies, and satellite dish
Tryna be better for all of the kids

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