Bill $aber



I lost my sences
Fist up in yo face, you need a dentist
Run up with the gun i put
Pressure in you pelvis
You f*cking nervous, and i sick of all these lies
And that ain't the only reason
Why you praying for demise uh
Go check yo back
b*tch im pullin up from the back
Comin up comin up with that uzi
Than i sniff the smell of death
I feel neglected
Nobody wants to f*ck with red
I been a lonelly piece of sh*t
So maybe i should stop my breath

Its changing me in something i like
Leave some more for me
Dont you play im ripped inside out
Can't you pray for me

I read the bible i would give 1/10
I saw the devil motherf*cker is the den
Another letter see the blood up on my pen
I make you suffer b*tch ive grown to be man


Time for nostialgia
Rock wit the posture
Mind fulla monstas
Hide if we spot ya
Freeze when we see em
Duke em and dekin
Saber the season
And pussies the reason why i
Spark up a threat
5 fingers on ya neck
Foot up on the ped
n*gga n*gga dont respect none
n*ggas not my offspring
Gotta treat em like a step son
Got her in her wet ones
Jimmy grrham i catch em
Gettin dough thats all a n*gga like me know
Hatin on me but im paid in full
Try me, man i wish i n*gga would
n*ggas know i live in a trench
Dead bodies be the stench
Kobe wit the wrench
Shoot around get benched
Beat dead horse, laughin wit my dead friends
Hammer to his head again, checkin if he dead again
Im the creature that be livin in the pond swimmin
Dead boy no bones im beyond livin
Ima need blunt and some fine women
Open ya mouth and stick a bomb init

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