Bill $aber


[Verse 1]
Don’t say you with me if it’s just a little
I used to hurt a lot, but nowadays this sh*t just tickle
A demon priest, i’m not one sided, b*tch i’m in the middle
She wanna f*ck, I make her c*m and watch dem' titties jiggle (ay)
I kill a b*tch then go perform a sermon
I throw you n*ggas in the pit, you slither with the serpents
The human torch, i spit a bar and now my house is burning
I get that money, shut up b*tch, i know you see me working (ay)
Suicidal, feelin better than i ever been
Don't wanna die, i just hate the world they let me in
A bunch of hate, a bunch of fakes, a bunch of lame hoes
I take his b*tch, and now she askin bout' my bank roll
I shut her up, i put my di*k all in her mouth whoa whoa
Im c*mmin' in her throat, i kiss her choke her out whoa whoa
I bend her over, now i’m blowin out her back whoa whoa
She say you funny, but you never tell a joke no no

No matter where I go I stay workin'
Stay workin'
Chest pains heart still hurtin'
n*ggas actin' like the ops but i can see they purpose
n*ggas flexin' all that money but we know they worthless (hey) x2

We know these n*ggas worthless

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