"Baby on the Corner"

Rockwell? Rockwell?
Where do you live? Where do you live?

Trouble in the world, poverty and crime
Deadly nuclear designs
Turn your TV on to the evening news
And you'll swear someone has lost their mind

But these days, you laugh it all away
Something must be wrong
Your worst fear ain't the bomb anymore
That's why I say

Baby on the corner
I'll be back, when, I don't know
Baby on the corner
I'll be back for sure when they find a cure

I'm a normal guy checkin' out the sights
I've been tempted once or twice
Yes, baby, now
'Cause something tells me I better keep my distance
Just one piece of cherry pie can change your life

So be wise when there's fire in your eyes
'Cause if you burn yourself, yeah
The doctor ain't no help anymore
That's why I say
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