With his place in Hawaii? (Mmm-hmm)
(He sold it) He did?
(The studio)
No, I mean his house, his house
(He's still got his house, he’s still got that)

I can't concentrate
And Motown wants my record yesterday
Jay, Jay don't know
Who will finance, finance my video

A crash against the wall
My silly neighbors always fightin’ down the hall
And I can't write this song
'Cause of all the, all the sh*t that's goin' on

And I lose my concentration
I said hey, concentration
(Every day)

'Cause all I wanna do is write a song
So that this crazy world can sing along
But just as I relax and start to write
Then my telephone rings 99 times

People suing me, they wanna claim my fame
Budget's overrun, bills to pay
Physically prepared for anything
But naturally I can't

I can’t sustain my concentration
(I can’t find any)
No, concentration
No, oh girl

Glad to meet you, but I gotta go
I can't explain

Computers store our world on tiny walls
And acid rain and smog continues to fall
Supermarket shelves they have become
Targets for the sick and death for some

Under desert skies, a bubble forms
While Geneva talks of ending Star Wars
And I don’t know, babe, what to do
So why don't we just (Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah)


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