"Man from Mars"

I am the Man from Mars

Here we go
I am the Man from Mars
Been watchin' from the stars
The heavens sent me down, way down
To change your world around
There's too much tension and hate
It's time to meet your fate, yeah
I'm getting p*ssed, and as it seems
Everybody's prejudiced and we green
So what'cha gonna do? Whoo!

The only thing you're guilty of (You're guilty of)
Is just a simple lack of love (Simple lack of love)
I'm telling Reagan and Gorbachev
I'm telling them muthas
If y'all don't get it together
I'm gonna have to blow this mutha down, huh
(Way down) Down, down, down, d-down
Down, yeah
We gonna blow this mutha down
I said blow

I am the Man from Mars
And I don't like what I see
There's people starving around the world
Well, don't you know what they really need?
Pollution covers your towns
Diseases spreading all around
You're spending all that money on self-defense
Did you know your sense of value don't make no sense?
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