"Genie of Love"

Sure has been a long time
I'm the Genie!
The Genie is rubbed

So tell me, baby, what'cha gonna do?
'Cause all my love is trapped inside this bottle
And only your magic touch can set me free
Open says me, yeah
Then all your wishes will all come true
'Cause girl, I ain't just an ordinary fella
And all you gotta do is spend one night with me
And you'll see, yeah

I'll be your Genie, Genie of Love
I'll be your Genie if you rub me right, baby
Genie, Genie of Love
Tonight, if you rub me right

I know you're achin' for a miracle
So come with me and baby, ride my carpet
I'll show you places you've never felt before
Search no more
We're gonna touch the stars tonight
'Cause I'm a slave to your delight
And I'll give you three wishes (Yeah, baby) you can't refuse
You can't lose
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