I even said peace to Geneva my bru just to give yous that shout out also sien jy
All the way from Kaapstad naaier

So it’s like
Attention passengers please give a hand to this
The Cape Town ambassador
From the South of Africa
Boyoom teaming with the French foreign legion
The Kaapstad baanslae we took it European
I’m smoking hash pille with whiteys like Mac Miller
Dinner at the river with a kin from Switzerland
But when I get back home then I be in attack mode
Walking in the crack zones
Call me on the bat phone cause I’m Bruce Wayne
You 2 Chainz I need your jewelry
Now feel the fist of fury I am Bruce Lee give it to me
You Bruce Jenner you transgender mrs virgin
But Maloon said that you could get f*cked in Swiss German
Peace to Geneva I’m the subtitle reader on international
Spit a classical thesis
Ripping rappers to pieces and sending them back to Jesus
Atheist or believers respect my name when you speak it

That’s how we praat
Is Afrikaans
You wasah
Is ja
Dies jou geluk ja
Swart en wit ja
Jy moet fotcha
We so ayoba
We skryfed it
Boyoom made it
Is duidelik


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