"Money (Remix)"

[Verse 1]
Everybody asking where's it at
Man, I swear to God everybody so attached
But what the f*ck is money, could you answer if I asked?
People lose their morals when they’re chasing up the bag now
You probably think I'm crazy for the sh*t I have to say
I wonder what you'd think if I told you I can relate
Wait, I been tryna do what I’m not tryna do
And it hurt me in the end, almost lost me
I know I'm still young but I also ain't dumb
And I really f*cked up, 'cause I know the sh*t cost me
A lot of time, but I see the blessing in the end
Let it happen one time, it ain't happening again
'Cause we learn, we move on
I ain't second with the pen
Number one with it 'cause I’m one with it when it’s in my hand
Breather, let me get a breather
f*ck that, I'ma kick sh*t like it’s FIFA
Teach a couple young minds how to ease up
When they feeling down, let 'em feel it through they speakers
That is the reason I'm doin' this, call me a lunatic
Least I ain’t rottin' the brains of the youth and sh*t
Sick of the foolishness, rappers be hooligans
Talking 'bout sh*t they ain't actually doin'
And I get it, everybody got a story
But understand that they're listening when you think they ignored
And when it come to the top spot, you should aim for it
But just say it been lane like your first name Tory
I don't understand why I been on standby
Watching all these whack motherf*ckers gain fans
Not, no me, against anybody it's a landslide
Do it with my eyes closed and both of my hands tied
Motherf*cker, that's hot sauce
You b*tches don't got sauce
The way you been moving, it's probably Judas - you got lost
I'm ready to pop off, the new year is not yours
Only time I see defeat is when I'm taking my socks off
There's not a single person in this damn game like me
But without it, if I'm honest I don't know where I'd be
I remember back in school when I struggled to get a high C
Now I got the juice, I don't even need a high C
Never was I second guessing
I always knew that my mind was a weapon
Not gonna lie, took some time to accept it
The second I did they all started respecting
The art of my words, they all would observe
But now they all feel like they part of the birth
Of AK, they are, so my hearts in the words
And now we so fly we exhausting the birds
We on top of the game now
All these whack motherf*ckers better stay down
I see they all tryna play it brave now
Watch 'em hate now, see 'em pray now
'Cause they see the kid, breakin' right up out the cage now
Here is my message to artists
Why is you here if you know you don't want it
How you succeed is the same way your heart is
I knew I'd make it the second I started
I'm just being honest, I'd do this regardless
If anyone f*cked with it
This game is mine, I got full custody
Someone try takin' it, don't know what's coming
It's Six Nine in here, but boy you's are dumber
Hit sick of being judged like the world a courtroom
I haven't said it yet, your boy goin' on tour soon
Wait, was that allowed? Can I hit 'em with more news?
Yes, alright then, we takin' over the world
You don't have to see it, but I do
And I really hope you ain't afraid to fight too
Probably shouldn't stay around 'cause you might lose
See they heads gettin' bigger but that's what the hype do
Everybody see the glory, but no one see the story
What's really going on with the mic and record it
Now I ain't really for it, the mic's more important
How I feel, and they afraid to do the same, it's why they boring
Tryna tell me to chill 'cause now I'm givin' 'em chills
By keeping it real, to keep it real, f*ck 'em
Who gives a f*ck how they feel?
Tried ripping me off, like you do with a pill
Put me on, now we poppin' like they do with them pills
Truth hurts and it has forever
Make it rain on 'em 'til they can't stand the weather
No brakes, all gas, got plans forever
AK takin' over, once we band together
It's game over

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