"Talk yo ass off"

Oh sh*t, here I come, dropping them bombs full of that redrum
Creeping up on a n*gga with that motherf*cking shotgun
Playa hatin n*ggas call me clean cause it makes me mad
That's why every night i make some trick stare into the mask
I'm from the north so n*gga claim your motherf*cking set
If you ain't from the north then ima break your f*cking neck
In half, as i laugh from the motherf*cking gun blast
Prepare to meet your maker in that motherf*cking body bag

Them hill top n*ggas ain't sh*t to be f*cked with
We stickin and stabbin you b*tches, and makin hoes real quick
We on the block we sellin that weed we chiefin quarter pounds
So stand your ground, playa hatin n*ggas don't come around
Them hilltop n*ggas don't f*ck with you playa haters
We sportin them gators, and makin that sh*t get greater later
We tote non stop we sportin them locs, big boy blunts we smoke
We on the track we sellin that crack, keepin our pockets fat
Z doggs in the house I'm kickin it with the gimisum
We make you numb, my n*gga redrum got that tommy gun
The hilltop click is in this b*tch we leave you in a ditch
I'm like lil debo, I'll smack you like a punk ass b*tch

I'm that ak, that real n*gga, steppin in to your front door
Strapped with the 9mm c*cked back just in case i got to drop a ho
Load up the 9 with the hollow tips, 16 round pistol extra clip
Called up the killers from the gimisum, if you try to run we'll drop them bombs
Ready to kill that's on my mind, step on up you're next in line
8,7,4 step up lets go, load up the tec 9, drop to the floor
Runnin through the crowd shootin thangs in the air
AKA speaking loud and clear, look in my eyes you'll see no fear
Test my pimpin and throw a cross, i bet your ass will end up lost
Leave your body in a ditch, a bullet to your head now ain't that a b*tch

I'm on a mission like a soldier with a bulletproof vest all across my chest
My trigger finger shakin ready for the timing to release a slug to your neck
No crosses or no losses when im standing on the track tryna stack my grip
Redrum milla killa hangin playa dre bout to do the hollow tip grip
Point blank range to the middle of your eyes
Sleepin in a grave cause i stalk at midnight
Like a 50 tec cos i shoot to kill you better use the police as a shield when i strike
People don't fear no, n*ggas don't fear no evil at the barrel of the Glock at the bust
Shot after shot clip after clip round after round but you still with them n*ggas on serious
Ain't no rushin at me when you're f*ckin with me and the troopaz cos you're livin as a sucker
Burn in hell with your ??? finna die let you know you can't skip a real trill motherf*cker
Buckin at them duckin and dodgin fradulent faker fall to the floor

Dont you cross us playas, if you do you a victim of the chrome 44

Still these n*ggas wanna try the gimisum click, they dont even play, they ??? their b*tch
So i gotta touch and bust them hoes cause there's always a body fillin up another ditch
Remember the n*ggas smokin weed pickin on my afro cos they sleepin in a ??? pool
So serious my alias and i bet you didn't never show em mercy ho

My hoods rough and tough we ??? mcgruff the crime dogs ass
So f*ck the mask if you cross me n*gga, i'm ready to blast
When i see your face im buckin no duckin, buckshots they rushin hot
A crooked cop patrollin the block jumpin out for rocks and Glocks
The beating never stops. who's snappin, who's not
Strapped to the fullest, yes i pull it i ain't bullsh*ttin
Real n*ggas don't quit you motherf*ckers don't know how you're f*ckin with
Grenades, ak's, tommy guns, its fulla teflon
Big hill, keepin it real, layin em down with gimisum

Talk yo ass off, we gon blow yo ass off
Talk yo ass off, we gon blow yo ass off
Talk yo ass off, we gon blow yo ass off
Talk yo ass off, we gon blow yo ass off
Talk yo ass off, we gon blow yo ass off

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