[Verse 1: Rahmaan]
Wrong people, right people
Wrong moves, right moves
Never knew I had to tell the difference
If you don’t, that sh*t bites you
You tryna see who you might use
If that’s me, it’s on sight, too
Lord knows I’ll make right moves
I’ll make right moves, I’ll make right moves, I’m —
On my sh*t
All these venues sold out quick
Takin daytrips to the 6
With 6 new tings and 6 new whips — yeah
Mashallah, I'm a God if you ain’t know
Drip designer head to toe
Lungs infected with the smoke, wait
They cast all their evil eyes on me
These tabs make me feel better than free
Maybe it’s hawaas that I need
Cuz pyaar never did nothin for me
I won’t be lost no more
I won’t be lost no more
I won’t be lost no more

[Hook: Rahmaan & tyler coolidge]
People switch on me to no surprise
Know I gotta reset
My exes all be stumblin on they lies
Know I gotta reset
People switch on me to no surprise
Know I gotta reset
Your babymoms is hittin up my line
Boy you better reset

[Verse 2: A.K.]
Keep telling yourself
Whatever you need for peace
Whatever you need for sleep
Whatever you need to keep
The image of you the way that you do
When I heard the news, it broke me in two
Like this isn’t you, well maybe it is
And maybe the version of you that I had in my mind is a person that doesn’t exist
But it’s all good, but it’s all good
I got all the love that I need
And I gotta give you thanks forreal forreal
For ultimately making me the man I am today
I have to say, you paved the way for everything that I became
Cuz I told myself whatever I do
Never ever turn into anything like you
And ay, I don’t even wanna hear no sorry’s dawg
Ay, we over that sh*t
I don’t wanna know if you like me dawg
We’re too old for that sh*t
I got secrets bout you dawg
And my lips are not sealed
And while we talking bout my lips
Ask your shawty how they feel
Ask about me on the real
Ask about me on the real
I’ve been looking for revenge
That’s the way I like to heal
There’s some sh*t you won’t forget
There’s some sh*t you gon regret
Cuz you’ve always pushed my buttons
But it’s time to reset

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