Look at the all the man I've bun
They try ded me see my face and they run
This ain't a toy who do you think I am
Who do you think I am
I hit that shot bang bang
U do not know gang

Guy got dipped
These mandem slipped
There throuts got slit
Juice spilling like an ocean
Don't wanna here no commotion
Drowning in red potion
All wet in red lotion

Look at this Punk
Plotting against me are you skunked
Got man shook like Donald Trump
And when I was done with him
His guts got dumped
Don't you dare step to me
If you see me you better flee
You know man's out here lurking
Man's coming like a Jinchuriki

I do it like Kaneki
Blood stain on my trecky
Shredded him turned him confetti
These yutes pathetic
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