Legacy lyrics


King Combs

Bad b*tches, where you at?
All my n*ggas, where you at?
CYN , you heard?
Bad Boy, you heard?
Yeah, check

I made amends with my former finance advisors
I apologize
I had to get in my right of mind
Despite the times I fell I stand tall with this height of mine
The youngest n*gga that they idolize
Abandoned Bentley Azures, went and restored 'em 'cause nobody got no more of 'em
Premiere my story at the newest (?) Emporium
Out of stock, re-order 'em
Cribs I got four of 'em
See what I got in store
It's a Secret like Victoria
Look like it's heaven but some sh*t is hell
I lost my mom last year, took the biggest "L"
Know her spirit got me evolving, I can feel the help
Separating my path with a different trail
I prevail
Anything just to see my favorite lady
Built for everything know that's how my pops raised me
Uh, play the cut
Keep the fam safe and tuck
While the world shakin' up
Thanking God for waking up
Pray the Lord my soul to keep
Never see the street
I hope you understand me Lord, watch over the family
Give me strenght for my loss
See another day again
Grateful for the little things
Better get your prayers in
Nothing less in the presence of men that's militating all ready to sin
What's your agenda?
Two coupes, Canadian Goose troops in the sprinter
With 5% tints like I'm not a five percenter
When I ice out
I know that we gon' shine
I bring the lights out
And n*ggas know that I'm sharp like the knives out
Pull up front lawn like the white house
Got my jewels on and they bite
All black-ish whips
Call 'em Colin Kaepernicks
I only stand for the cash I get
Swear this sh*t come real if I imagined it
I could walk on water if I practiced it
And the water on the jewels is immaculate
I stand out like cactuses
Always catch me with the baddest b*tch
Hop out whips like magic
I'm living lavish
They mad 'cause they never had it
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