"Neptunes Nest"

Two twin Beamers in the driveway and a Tessie in the yard
Rari growing in the garden, I'ma water her tomorrow

Dump truck, pick up sticks
I'ma show you how to live
18 wheeler driving stick
Turn the flat bed to a crib

Turned the crash pad to a home
I go where my brothers go
Know I keep my family close
Always ready to pop smoke

Aston Martin DBS
Sub in the trunk of the Subie
Can't park outside the CVS
Both my grills got VVS

Beamer boots on BBS
Park it by the GTS
In LA like GTA
GTRs at Neptune's Nest
Malibu on GPS
On a beach but in a cave
Go 101 on PCH
Go one on one with me; the еnd
Redlight we might meet again
$20000 on the racе
20000 rpms
Redlight we might meet again
I hope we meet again
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