[Verse 1]
The walls are caving in
All of the days, they end
She's not innocent
But she has the world to give
So baby tell me what the truth is
How'd we lose it?
Falling in and out of love
Please don't put me through this
It's crazy how we make excuses
We're young and stupid
I know you've had enough
Of these scars and bruises

Got me running circles in my head (Oh, no)
Got me wishing I was M.I.A (Baby)
I would give it up to see your face
I won't be here for long so lay with me
(Lay with me)
(She's not innocent)
(No, no)
(But she has the world to give)

[Verse 2]
It started at hello, red stilettos
I knew right when she walked in she was the devil
Baby, hold me close, never let go
I'm dying, she's watching, she brought the shovel (Oh)
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