Be the Hero (Ft. A. J. Holmes) lyrics


Talk Fine

Sometimes, you have to decide
If you’re good... or evil
Sometimes, you can’t pick a side
And you don’t know
If you’re strong enough
Or wise enough
To see the light
To do what’s right

Sometimes, you gotta look inside
Ask yourself, “Is it worth the fight?”
Sometimes, things can get confused
Remember: what would a hero do?

Sometimes, it isn’t black or white
The right path can be hard to find
But you gotta try
Wherever you may go
Sometimes, you gotta be the hero

When thе dust settles
And you think you’ve failеd
The sun will rise again
You missed your chance
Didn’t become the king
But boy you did the right thing
So go, go, go
And be the hero

I think about heroes everyday;
What shining light guides their way
And sometimes I really just don’t know
Sometimes, you gotta try to be the hero
The hero
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