Sneeze lyrics


SSG Splurge

Hey get in here, teejmadeit
Its hard
Yea, yea, yea

My blunt bigger than you
Nah forreal, this rap sh*t bigger than me (Rap sh*t, its big)
I can teach you how to move, lemme give you the key (Shhh)
I can teach you how to get it but you gotta say please (Say please)
Let me show you how to stalk it out and send up some tree (Stalk it out)
I'ma show you how to draw down and make a n*gga freeze (Draw down)
I ain't never been a rat so I don't call my n*ggas cheesy (Nope)
I ain't call a b*tch honey, I ain't never been a bee (No)

Let me show you how to do this, and show you how to do dat
Leave ya phone, put the gloves on your hands, will you scoot it? (Will you scoot it?)
I could show you how to put a couple holes in his durag
We hot, hop out the car shot at everything movin'
Gone sleep, I'ma slide, cover up my tattoos
Go back and get high and wait on the bad news (Wait on it)
Then do it again if they ain't take a lose
If they ain't take a L then we bringin' that to 'em

I could show you how to get away with 150 shells
Just go by yourself, make sure nobody tell (Shhh)
I hate when n*ggas shoot when nobody there (Why)
We done smokin' this b*tch and we clearin' the air (Air)
Know we pull up yo block, let it ring like a bell (Ring)
Can't escape when we beef, I got killas in jail (Killas)
We got hard with them MacBooks, never had Dell (Mac's)
What you still in the trap for and never make sells? (Trap for)

Yea, I like this beat Teej (Motherf*cka' hard)
Spinnin' on they block tryna see if they totin'
n*ggas be with snitches, got a block full of rodents (Rodents)
They be tryna sleep, we came through and we woke 'em
Glock got a di*k, no safety, no Trojans (No Trojans)
I don't think you hip, we get you hit for what you postin' (Hip ya)
We don't care if we take 10 years, we still on you (Still on you)

Dropped goop tape, I was locked in Arizona (Goop)
No face, no case them folks closin' the folder (Close)
Don't want no racks, got you signing my momma
Big Chucky chain puttin' pain on my shoulder (Pain)
We ain't duckin' nobody gang, you ain't tryna hold us (Gang)
I'll die for my gang, never changin' my closest (Gang)
They don't go for everybody, still do ya ass bogus
We'll take you to the spot, stick you up if we don't know you (Stick ya ass up)

Stick ya up if we don't know yo ass boy
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