Kid lyrics


SSG Splurge

Hey get in here, Teejmadeit

Check out my net worth (Uh huh)
b*tch, I hope that Its not a first (Not a first)
Keep you a Tec, that's what I learned (Phew)
Water on my neck, sh*ts on squirt-squirt
Tell the rapper I was letting that fire work
Thats my brother, we go way back like Converse (Like Converse)
Big ass chain 'round my neck, ain't no Life Alert
Go get a choppa, we go put yo life to work (Pew pew pew)

That ain't my ho but I'm still gon' lie to her
I'm a superstar and I tell that ho "Truth hurts"
How they gon' ask questions latеr and shoot first?
Prolly gon' get a fit later, buy shoes first
I got thеm b*tches, they comin' off revoke
Walk in the room and they already twerk-twerk
I stack it up, put that sh*t in my moms house
Still thanking god I'm a boss, not a server

I'ma take that n*gga chain off his neck, he don't deserve it (Uh uh)
I'm with tha' b*tch for her thighs and curves
Prolly gon' hop in my ride, hit yo turbulence
Let that hard side, I was high off the Percocet's (High)
Yea they call me goop, but I might cause an ambulance (Ha)
Heard you a rat, you don't belong in our habitat (Shhh)
Ho's in the club and they bringin' them racks back
10, 20, 30 this ain't sh*t like a tic tac (tic tac)

Roll up and I'm big as a kid, uh (Kid)
Choppa as big as a kid, uh
How much for the choppa? Let's bid, uh (Let's bid)
Heard the opp's dyin', so be it, uh (So be it)
My b*tch bad, this ho big (She's bad)
So I tinted; Through the coupe, they can't see it
All them get thick so I bought some a (?)
This ain't no drake, this a Winchester (?)
This ain't no Glock, this a new Desert Eagle (Desert Eagle)

That ain't no duck, that's a big ass seagull
I done been ballin' boy, I done went Eagle
I done went lobster and didn't even eat it
I bought a Wok pot, didn't even drink it
n*ggas too broke, boy they better off sleepin'
Thinkin' he rich? Ima let that n*gga dream
Daddy a Deacon but the think he a demon (Huh)
Shoot you in yo face, we don't tolerate blinkin'

My little b*tch wearin' white China (White)
b*tch ate me up and I ain't call her a cab
Doin' all that talkin', man I shot you in public
Feel out this way, he gone feel with that musket
Bringin' in chickens, tryna fill up a bucket
How the f*ck its still hangin' out and I tucked it? (And I tucked it)
Why everybody get down? Cause I upped it
f*cked then she lucky, Goop oughta stuck it (Goop)

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