Bonnie And Clyde lyrics


SSG Splurge

Hey get in here, teejmadeit
They don't even know how we comin'
They don't even know how I'm comin Teej
Mom, Teej is on the computer again
Goop, damn

They don't even know how I'm comin Teej
Uh, b*tch I only want money, lets talk (Let's talk)
Goop in the mix, make 'em bring out the chalk (Bring out that chalk)
f*ck a n*gga life up, he got to learn how to walk (Learn how to walk again)
n*ggas be thinkin sh*t sweet but throw salt (But throw salt)
n*ggas be tough as they can be till they caught (Till they caught)
I could do a good deed, get you offed (Get you offed)
I been up, I been stuck, I been ballin' (I been ballin')

They been lookin for bricks, they been callin'
At the window with a .223 tryna follow me
Shе like, "Why you don't talk to me?" like b*tch that's b*tch that's (?)
I got rich without thе lottery, and my patna'nem proud of me
Diamonds, on my teeth, no cavities (No cavities)
Coupe so fast, make 'em feel like low gravity (Low gravity)
Kill for that gang, you get a real nice salary (Nice salary)
Ball out on sticks, take that boy to Academy (Academy)
Slide doors on this b*tch, it go cray
Do a n*gga bold, but get out the way
f*ck the opp's, them n*ggas drop like my tapes
Savin' hoes, I bet Ill pass out on capes
Scoot up on 'em, bet I leave not a trace
Pack gang, boy I just flew from the Bay
Drive with them sticks, and flew back form the A
That's that out of town work yea, but still call 'em plays

Up off this rap sh*t, and still bussin' K's
They don't want the beef, they want god to come save 'em
n*gga wanna eat? You better get with the gang
You don't got what it takes to be a boss, I'll slave you
We was grindin', n*ggas up watchin cable
It go grimey, I'ma stand on a table
Real life thuggin', we not tellin' no fables
I check bags, and they get minimum wages (Check bags)

Read the story, we left minimum pages
Yea we wolves, we just got out our cages
f*ck the police, they just shootin', don't taze you
Choppa shoot far, why the f*ck would I chase you? (Why?)
I done came far, why the f*ck would I hate you?
Popped on the first night, why would I date you? (Why?)
Welcome to the trap, this a one stop station
I be in Miami with the Zo's and the Hatians
Double S dumb, they don't ever be on it
How he try to kill to get killed? That's ironic
Lyin' to that n*gga, she can never be honest
Steppin' on sh*t, you come here, you pay hommage
I don't want respect, b*tch come out them dolla's
Wanna play tough? f*ck it, kidnap his momma
Rich off of Trump, but they servin' Obama
The way that I shoot sh*t, gimme a scholar

You want to get the job done, just gimme a holler
I'ma try n get 'em gone by tomorrow
I don't got sh*t for a b*tch, and I'm sorry
Care bout the death of a snitch, not I (Not I)
Repent will be spent? Hell nah, not I (Not Goop)
I'll be mad than a b*tch, find out n*gga ain't died
Get 'em shot in his sh*t tryna kick it outside
Hit a n*gga and his b*tch with that Bonnie and Clyde

(Repent will be spent? Hell nah, not I)
(Hit a n*gga and his b*tch with that Bonnie and Clyde)
(Bonnie and Clyde)
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