Unorthodox lyrics


SSG Splurge

Hey get in here, teejmadeit
Mom, Teej is on the computer again

n*gga don't open that door yet (Uh)
Uh, you know n*ggas in here baggin' up still (Baggin' up)
You on the couch, boy go get you a kill (Kill)
Triple the seal, and then add another seal (Add)
Uh, you get robbed and get shocked like an eel (Eel)
Aim at the head, we tried to dead it for real (Dead)
Turn up that b*tch, you can see up in here (Uh)
b*tch I'm too high, I can't walk on no heels (No)

Ho stop lyin' like you ain't poppin' no pills (Pop)
Still wanna spin, that sh*t gimme a thrill (Thrill)
(?) sh*t I look like a deal (Deal)
Went and bought her shoes, I could've f*cked up Ikea
High in the coupe, I keep on f*ckin' my key up (Huh)
Black lives matter, see them lights and I speed up (Speed)
We ain't did sh*t and they don't even believe us (Naw)
Better make it home, I shoot that b*tch 'til I don't see nun

Big ass chain, and they said I wouldn't be nun
Ice, it came from Icebox, I'm a freezer (Freeze)
I'ma f*ck around and hit it twice and then leave her (Leave)
Popped her, but no I can't buy her no pizza (Pizza)
Never think twice when I'm swipin' that Visa (No)
Cash in my pocket, pass it out to my people (Here)
Sometimes I don't wear jewelry cause we equal
Big smile like we aight, but really we evil

Cause we was on the rise and they act like they ain't see us
And we steppin' on guys like fly's, no beetles' (Nah)
Pull up, leave yo top up cause we'll try to leave you (Top)
You don't got to go home, but you could meet Jesus (Jesus)
You don't got to say nun', but you could stop breathin' (Shh)
I'll take yo whole tax and break that b*tch even (Go)
They servin' packs? Oh that's cool, you believe 'em (Go)
Baby tried to eat sumn', the whole time was teethin'

Drop a whole dot, all them n*ggas wan' pop (Pop)
We want what you got, all it take is one stop
Gotti came home, but yea (?) still locked up (Locked)
When we together, like three thousand shots (Shot)
You can get shot then, unorthodox
Cut out the bloopers, I'm servin' these rocks (Cut it out)
Cut off the camera, n*ggas tryna come shop (Cut it out)
Buy I be damned a n*gga take what I got (Damn)

This a hotbox, hell yea it get hot (Hot)
Better do 'em bad, I just heard that from God (God)
Young rich n*gga but I think they forgot
Shoutout Roddy Ricch but this stick in my croch (Stick in my)
Said they gone clique, take a lot to be hot
Stay out the mix, n*ggas lyin' a lot (Stay out the mix)
Go buy some sticks, n*ggas dyin' if not (Go buy some sticks)
We need some wheels, find a Mexican lot (We need some what?)

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