Weird Genius

"LATHI (ꦭꦛꦶ) [Rhymewords Remix]"

[Verse 1: Sara Fajira, Rephrase]
I was born a fool
Broken all the rules, ooh (Rhymewords)
Seeing all null
Denying all of the truth, ooh

[Pre-Chorus: Sara Fajira]
Everything has changed
It all happened for a reason
Down from the first stage
It isn't something we fought for
Never wanted this kind of pain
Turned myself so cold and heartless
But one thing you should know

[Chorus: Sara Fajira]
(Kowé ra isa mlayu saka kesalahan)
(Ajining diri ana ing lathi)

[Verse 2: Wyllable]
From the first we met
Thought we were perfect match
But as the year progressed, you were curse instead
How really hurt it gets to date a crazy wench
Now as we spent the lazy days with daily chats
I gave you laps, you flip the word
You gave me slap? Had you blush in my arm
From being crush in my heart, now you're just crushin' my heart
You're a heat to me when I walk through blue ice
I don't mean girl group when I say I wanna talk to you Twice
But, boo, who likes being tortured every time I do you nice?
Ojo mutung, gais, yeah
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