"Sex is very bad for you"

Sex is very bad for you
I cannot tell a lie
If Jesus sees you do it
Then you're surely gonna die

And it feels really painful
Like your p*nis is on fire
Please believe us when we say this
Cuz the situation’s dire

Butts. (No!)
Boobies. (No!)
Naked lady movies. (No!)

Don't show me body parts
That make the peepee or the poopies
The best advice that my father said to me
Your number one goal in life:
Keep that dingle droopy

Wait a minute, dad
How'd we even get alive?
Did you possibly have sex
So that we could both survive?

My boy, my son
Please let me just explain
I only did it twice
To preserve the family name

I’m sorry

We had to kill our dad
Cuz he broke the only rule
We didn't wanna do it
But his actions weren't cool

The moral of the story
I think it's pretty clear
You gotta go and kill your dad

This actually is not a joke

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