"GOD BL3$$"

n*gga god bless
f*ck on yo ex
Leave hickeys on her neck
Know when we talk she send kisses on the text
Know when we f*ck you gettin upset
Cuz when we in bed she say im obsessed
n*gga god bless
f*ck on your b*tch in the back of the tesla
She does what i wish when i call or i text her
f*ck you b*tch
Suck my di*k
n*gga dont know
Dont f*ck up the flow
f*ck on your hoe
Make a few bands
She shakin that ass
Smokin that gas
We movin real fast
Makin that cash
We f*ckin these bands
n*gga no hands
Yuh ay
n*gga god bless
n*gga god bless
Yuh yuh
n*gga god bless
No dont test
I am the best
Look what i spent
Dont mean to flex
Hard as a hurricane
You do not know the pain
Smokin this medicine
To numb the pain again
Know what im sayin n
Open your brain to take it all in again
n*gga we lit
Dont give a sh*t
f*ck on your b*tch
She suckin my di*k
Make me get rich
Dont give a f*ck
I am the hunter and you are the duck
You are the garbage and i am the truck
I keep on movin but you just get stuck
Writing theese rhymes helps with the pain
n*ggas dont know but im insane right in the brain
Ay yuh
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