Holy Smoke lyrics


Bryson Gray

[Intro: Bryson Gray]
(Ha ha) holy
(Ha ha) holy smoke (ha ha)
(Ha ha) holy, holy smoke
Holy smoke

[Verse 1: Bryson Gray]
I got a question for these Christians, will they answer? Well lets see
You made a hundred songs but still ain't call out the LGBT
How you in Christ but you quoting Doja Cat and Cardi B?
Y’all get in interviews scared to answer 'bout your faith, you cop a plea
They say "Bryson you should chill"
Nah it's holy smoke, let’s get it started
If you got a OnlyFans you're not a Christian, you're a harlot
Demon hunter, and you know that Bryson always hit his target
I know God is there, ain't gotta ask like It's Me Margaret
What the Bible say 'bout every spirit? You should test them
Ask them boys about abortion, I bet they avoid the question
They gon' play it safe, why? To please the world if you let 'em
Say I’m always tryna sow division, but who else gonna check ’em?
Speaking of division, what about oneness? What about trinity?
That divides the body but y'all don’t keep that same energy
Y'all call out theology more than sin, that's your ministry
Then justify being friends with the world, you God's enemy
These Christians got my name in they mouth, it’s getting old
How you got the spirit more than I do but you're not as bold?
And you say I'm not praising Yeshua, never see me fold
And the Bible say judge by the fruit, hold on I'm in my mode
All these churches nowadays soft
And for Christ you know I T up, you would think I'm playing golf
If I ever take a L, then it's a lesson not a loss
And this Bible rap, if they ain't talking scripture turn it off
Huh huh, turn it off
[Chorus: Bryson Gray]
Holy smoke (ha ha, ha ha)
Holy smoke, holy smoke

[Verse 2: Tyson James]
Yeah, holy, holy, holy smoke
I might show up in your lane 'cause I got somewhere to go
Homie get up out my way, all y'all prolly took the poke
Then you posting up on Twitter, how you proud you voted Joe?
How that working for you? Everybody now is going broke
But no big deal
I'm only for the glory of the Lord, I keep it real
I gotta keep a sword, I'm in a war, I don't conceal
This is open carry, 66 canon on my hip, yeah this solider ready
You know I'm a bullseye
How you say you Christian but you still got soul ties?
I don't think that salvation a game, won't even roll dice
And no I don't struggle with lust, got rid of the whole vice
Devil ain't got no rights
This ain't my life and I will never play it safe
Ain't like them others boys and theology that they claim
They put the set before God, if you don't bang then you're a fake
Be careful how you're judging people you gon' get the same

[Chorus: Bryson Gray & Tyson James]
Holy smoke (ha ha, ha ha)
Holy smoke, holy smoke
Holy, holy, holy smoke
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