The Rose lyrics



In mother earth’s garden
A flower was growing
Her blossoms as red as the love in her soul

But along came a daisy
With heart of fool’s gold
And petals as white as a lie could be told

The daisy was parched
He begged her for drink
He wept and he groveled right there at her feet

The flower obliged
With a softhearted grin
She bent her own stem to give nectar to him

If only she noticed
How deeply hе drank
The daisy grew taller whilе she only sank

He stretched out his leaves
And he beckoned the shade
A cover so thick no light could penetrate

She pleaded with him
He ignored all her cries
He stood like a tower his head held so high
The flower was stunned
She was spurned and betrayed
Alone in the darkness she flew in rage

She hardened her skin
And grew out her thorns
So no other daisy could hurt her anymore

But she kept her blush red
To this very day
So she’d never forget all the love she misplaced

So the next time you see
Daisies in bloom
Don’t stop for a gander just keep walking through

But the next time you see
A rose of red stain
Just know that her beauty was not without pain
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