"Leaving Neverland"

[Verse 1]
Every day my brother's sinking deeper in the dark
Every day my mother's praying for his broken heart
I miss the days of hide away with playing at the park
One day we'll do it again
I fell in love with someone who's one in a million years
And then I sit here all alone still drying all my tears
I'm sorry babe, I just had to focus on my career
One day we'll do it again

I gotta be a man
And the hardest part is leaving Neverland
Long live the pen
Leaving, never left

[Verse 2]
Every day I'm sinking a little deeper into crisis
Wandering the universe and wondering who Christ is
And I can't seem to get along without the use of vices
One day I'll do it again
The world is getting colder to me every single day
Every time the sun is shining, I push it away
All cooped up and satisfied with a smile on my face
One day I'll do it again
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