Lil Jon

"Dopeman Hunter"

Yeah cousin, that b*tchmob n*gga serious
You feel me?

Yeah, mane
Pretty Boys in this muthaf*cka
Like I said we got bad b*tches...

You know I'm bout' to pay a b*tch
Thirty-thousand for some head right now

You know what it is, mane
Lil' B in this muthaf*cka, n*gga never
Gave a f*ck, mane
b*tchmob: Respect Da b*tch Vol. 1
n*gga, let's get it....

b*tchmob (swag) yeah, I'm so disrespectful
Hold a AK and my pants so tiny
Rep' where I'm from cause you n*ggas know I'm with it
Shouts out to Soulja Boy... I gets digits
Fishscale hunter... dopeman hunter...(BASEDGOD)
Shouts out to Brick Squad, b*tch, I do numbers (BASEDGOD)
Twelve cell phones and I look like Kurt Angle
n*gga, I got swag and a b*tch know I'm able
I make my music.. pretty boy music
Still strapped up and I still Lex Luger
Everybody ask how the robber is the shooter (DR. PHIL)
Boys know I'm gangsta, boys know I bruise ya'/
Everybody know that I caught them ten cases
Straight b*tchmob man that sh*t is amazing (FELONIES)
Straight west-side you know them haters going dumb (DUMB)
Fifty on my di*k cause I look like James Blunt (JAMES BLUNT)
Afrika Bambaata (FELONIES) hit em' with the chopper
With my new b*tch and she cuts like a lobster/
No, I'm not a rocker but I might Slayer
Just bought the new Benz, no, it's nothing major
Boy, light it up. man, the kush in the air
Chimmy chang chang. b*tch, I think I'm Robert Horry
b*tch, let me talk cause b*tch, I think I'm Maury
Crack a ho head an I'll see you in the morning (BASEGOD)

Dopeman hunter, fishcale hunter

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