[Verse 1: Rambo]
b*tch you know them models screaming do not f*ck with [?]
Coz he traded all his money Hollywood we smokin' [?]
Livin like we up in traffic, gotta get it till I’m rich
And its motherf*ck these b*tches, they just want you for your sh*t
Sleeping n*gga need to quit, paid a hunned for my wrist
Got yo b*tch up on my di*k, she f*cked a n*gga for a flick
And these n*ggas be my n*ggas and I'm changing off the rip
Spent a cheque then smoke the zip
I don't f*ck with n*ggas, I can’t trust these n*ggas
Pull up on a n*gga, I'm just counting figures
Beezy gettin richer, it don't get no realer
Catch me smokin killa, I don't feel the n*gga

[Verse 2: Ohgeesy]
Yea, ay, ay, ay, ay
Lights out bring them pipes out got the ice out
I'm with vish mode and my n*gga lookin nice now
Yea I need some birds and I need them b*tches right now
Need a hunned pacc, hunned o's, hunned xans now
Hunned hoes like I'm the man now
Shoreline rocking with the vish mode coz they fan now
I'm with KB balling like I’m KD
Rapper with a cut and I swear my n*gga crazy
Please don’t try to fade me coz you could never faze me
I just hit yo b*tch I been hittin yo b*tch lately
Ay I been hittin yo b*tch lately and she keep on calling my phone coz she crazy

[Verse 3: Lar$ V]
Better yell for pus*y n*gga f*ckin [?]
Big gat, clip fat, now where his b*tch at
Tell her hit the hood but she can't get a lift back
She with the gang guaranteed she threw that sh*t back
She set you up now you wonder where your sh*t at
Sippin juice got me feeling loose, Swervin in his coupe then I [?]
Hop back in the whip like nobody even knew
Keep a 30 with me n*gga Imma drop the screw
And it’s gang sh*t n*gga don't be actin new
Extended clip make a lil n*gga drool
f*ck this rap sh*t n*gga yea I keep a tool
Imma let it spark n*gga coz it's f*ck the judge
Got my n*ggas [?]
b*tch we the opp ain't nobody stoppin us
And we bustin cops ain’t no locking us
Still skate up on a n*gga with the burner tucked
They done leave his brains all up on the truck
sh*t this the game where you really lacking huh
Don't dis the game n*gga pistol packing huh
Been hittin liccs so tell me whats past the [?]
Been sippin mud tell a lil n*gga slump
Never catch me slump thizzle yea it keep me up
[?] Line them up if they think they acting tough
Beezy got a strap and he get to clappin up
[?] got a pole yea he acting up
Do this sh*t for fun hop out make them n*ggas run
Never catch me slippin n*gga coz I stay with one

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