"​get rich quick scheme"

Look into [?]
People don't get it

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yuh, yeah

Said I'm more than just this image you were tryna sell
Try to water down the mission for the clientele
I been holdin' back from sh*ttin', they don't like the smell
But they ain't see me for a minute so I might as well
As a child, could tell
It's hard to get back in position, we gon' find the frail
You gotta get it where you fit in, this a tryin' scale
For this kinda work, if you ain't tryna fail
Can never change to see your mission for the finer bail
Takin' trains west to Pacific, I should try the mail
I think he only pressed to live 'cause he might die in Hell
I guess it kinda hurt
When God tell you if you feel it, it's behind the braille
Time you left for the experience, forgot the wealth
The only thing that I inherited was blockin' help
It's part of pops' concern
Remember cringin' at the mirror, I was not myself (Ooh)
That's still a lot to learn
I came back from lightin' bridges I forgot to burn
The first stride again bigger, had a loss of thirst
And never idolized a n*gga with a office shirt
You think I did it for the figures? It was all for her
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