"​trail of tears"

[Verse: MIKE]
Some of mine's touched my Mother plan
Remember times I put the dice in another hand
Something light for my brother man
For all the times we had to hype the mission wasn't planned
To try and tell you 'bout them nights, you wouldn't understand
'Cuz we was really shootin' high and hopin' something land
In July was feelin' numb again
Remember cryin' tried to diet from these substances
Too precise but the price of me was plummeting
It took some dropping at the highest it was nothin' near
I feel the fire overcoming fear
Alone is lighter, I know prior I had one to care
Them ain't ties, you n*ggas wired to the puppeteer
Big Mike know the guy behind a bunch of tears
We still hype we got another year
You know the feeling, this is nothing near it
Keep swimming my beloved spirit
You know your son is near
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