Goodbye lyrics



Yeah it's cold, but no snow
Watch all the smoke that i blow
I get my drugs for the low
I got friends, but i take 'em all alone
Ripping on my bowl
They say the pain in my throat
I feel the shake in my bones
Should change my name 'cause i'm really always home
I'm really always home
I can't rap, but i think i gotta flow
All i do is smoke
Sit inside my rom with the ghosts
Scrolling through my phone
Making music just to sooth my setting soul
I think that imma go
If i stay, i'll be hanging from a rope

Everybody passing cannabis
I'm on my journey way to happiness
Give me life while i'm smoking this
Don't you dare tell me how to live

Why am i here?
Just hand me a beer
My thoughts fill me with fear
Dark night and the road disappears
I'll say goodbye
I'll say goodbye
I'll say goodbye
I'll say goodbye
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