Juicy J


[Intro: IDK]
Uh-huh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Woah, woah, woah, uh

[Pre-Chorus: IDK]
I might hop out and EuroStep all on your heart
These b*tches is thinking they ballin' with me
Look, my future is bright, so don't play no parts
In wasting my time, my time ain't cheap
They was sleeping like Z Z Z, now I'm like, "See, see, see"
I shoot my shot long-range, I feel like CP3, uh

[Chorus: IDK]
Square up
Beat it up, f*ck your hair up
Pretty girl like Clairo
Nice twins like Tamera
She ride di*k like Doja Cat
That's what I think, I don't know the cat

She wanna know, wanna see where it's at
f*ck me, no going back

[Verse 1: IDK]
I got that di*k that'll mess up your life
Girl, banging with me is gon' come with a price
You know some of these n*ggas is married in life
But I come with that di*k that don't come with no wife
You keep throwing it back, ain't no throwing no rights
I keep giving you game, I ain't taking advice
If it's love in the air, I just throw up the kite
Then I bring my ass back if we run outta line
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