"Swedish summer day"

The day is alright I guess it could always be better, and I think you feel that way too

??? - with the boots, a cap and a sweater, I take on the walk home to you

And the day today is summer, cloudy sky in late July, as they say; a Swedish summer day

Not far from my house I stopped by a diner where the waitress explained so I heard, I noticed a photo on the wall right behind her of the best Chicken soup in the entire world

But I ordered a salad, served upon a silver tray, could only be it be a Swedish summer day

Oh I could stay right here this day this noon, that's why I have to share it all with you

I arrived at your house 'n late September, telling you 'bout this summer day, you ask me for proof as I never remember; to take any portraits or photographs

But I looked through the camera. Through the motion blur and there you were, trying out the Swedish summer day
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