D. Ace

"Middle Child (Remix)"

You good t-minus

Feeling this passion, i'm feeling this pain
Bullets is flying, i'm going insane
They di*keating, stay talking sh*t in the game
You can't even talk, b*tch you walk wit' a cane, (and)
Everybody gotta have their opinion
It's all about this and it's all about that
They doin' cocaine, and they making me stressed
But I don't give a f*ck, i'm puttin' yall to rest
n*ggas be doing some shows, n*ggas be doing the most
I know my value
125 for the feature, n*ggas think that I won off the lotto, making this bread like Pablo
But what the hell, what do I know
She whippin', whippin' up gelatos
Know i'm the greatest right now
You thinking your songs is a banger, but how about now
Got so many riders, I love em to death
When i'm in the booth, they right there by my left
n*ggas be steady tryna test me, but I got the dessie
Making em' bleed like it's a red skully
b*tch I will black on your ass
See you tryna get the cash, uh
But I been having these dark thoughts
Cuz remember when I came up, they laughed
Everybody want a feature
Standing in front of me wit' your Jordans, you so eager
Don't even talk to me during the loud speaker
Saying that you busy but we both know it ain't either, uh
Let these n*ggas know i'm ready for war
I pull up wit my semi, shooting n*ggas over the wall
I'm really colder than ever
Remember when I told you imma you imma get it
No f*cking Panda, we always really litty, (god damn)
b*tches be f*cking for clout, (yea)
Fake n*ggas talk out they mouth, (yea yea)
All of my sneakers is dirty
I live up in North, but i'm going to South, (yuh)
Growing up in philly, n*ggas switch sides
b*tches di*k ride
Ops never slide
n*ggas never show support
I'm collabing up in Forest Hills Drive


n*ggas been countin' me out
I'm just being me nobody can resist
Coming wit' fast flow, n*ggas talkin' sh*t I make em gas more
pus*y you might get hit
The real ones is dying, the fake ones is lit
They know i'm lyrical man, i'm the sh*t
Always be sturdy
Not Thor, but i'm worthy
I'm underrated and you all on my di*k

I just poured something in my cup
I just speak that real so they can feel
Me on every level, lighten up
Got the stash in the trunk, cuz that's what makes you real

I'm welcomed to the fame
f*ck all my ex's, cuz y'all was some lames
Buenas noches and I'm glad that you came
These n*ggas ain't loyal, they selling cocaine
And I'm saying names
Rico suave to Achille
I got no love for the enemy, somebody tell me the remedy
I don't give a f*ck how they feel
I got a pocket rocket down to c*ck and chop and pop a n*gga that really impose
Blood on ma hands
Helicopers, automatics, many weapons, cause of destruction
They said i'm looking like broly, you know you can not afford me, uh
Imma get that engine when I'm winning
And I split the money wit' my brothers, come and watch me spend it
When I diss all of these n*ggas, they gon say I f*cking did it
To Aliyah, to the angels who said "I'll f*cking quit it, uh


I just poured something in my cup
I just speak that real so they can feel
Me on every level, lighten up
Got the stash in the trunk, cuz that's what makes you real

Know that if you coming for me you coming for this diss track
Watch how you speak on my name you know

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