Field Medic

"It’s So Lonely Being Sober"

I rode my bike for fifteen miles today
And I kept thinking ‘bout writing a song but I had nothin’ to say
And the girl that I’ve been seeing says, “There’s a party goin’ on, come over”

It’s so lonely being sober

Feeling proud and my stomach’s feeling better
I even started doing push ups, and my di*k’s harder than ever
But the world is far from me now, it used to feel much closer

It’s so lonely being sober

It’s Friday night, and everybody’s dancing
But I just can’t get in the spirit, I’m just staring and toe-tapping
And the band’s playing my favourite song, but it feels so mediocre

It’s so lonely being sober

So I turn off the lights and put a match to a candle
And play guitar and the flickering and make friends with the shadows
But no one’s really with me, and I start to feel much older

It’s so lonely being sober
It’s so lonely being sober
But at least tomorrow I won’t be hungover
It’s so lonely being sober

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