f*ck you grim reaper lyrics


Field Medic

It's so strange
When I'm sober
I'm so quiet
With the best of me

But I needs
Must be drinkin'
By evenin' or the
Grim Reapers callin' me

The Grim Reaper is after me
But I'll defy
The Reaper

Grim Reaper wants to reap me up
f*ck you
Grim Reaper

I really
Got nothin'
Seems all so
Silly to me now

To have plucked
Only flowers
That grew at midnight
I said it's worth it
I've sacrificed myself

So the Grim Reaper is after mе
And I'll follow
The Reaper

Grim Rеaper wants to reap me up
Thank you
Grim Reaper
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