Zone 2

"No Censor!"

BIGGZ the engineer, baby

[Verse 1: UnrulyBad]
If you don't talk 'bout drills (Drills)
They won't love no more (Fake)

Ned just wanted a cheeseburger
Max, what you do that for?
Knockout's juice gets spilled on the floor (pus*y)
Huh, now you done started a war

No ping-pong, gang cuttin' t'ru Burgess back and forth (Ping)
In jail, smashed CDai's head on the floor
Frontline, nobody can cross it (But try now)
You can drive t'ru
But nobody can walk it (Walk it)

L2, R2
Now GB in a casket (Dead)
Forensics settin' up tents
Now them haffi white chalk it (Deceased)

Bill him up and just rass him (Now your f*cked)

[Verse 2: Karma]
Incog got put in a spliff (Bill it)
GB got put in a spliff (Bill it)
SA got put in a spliff (Bill it)
Lil CJ got put in a spliff

OT nearly got put in the Rizz (Ugh)
Paul nearly got put in a Rizz (Ugh)
Naghz Max got bored in the wig
Gang love crash, bore and dip
Been Circle hella times on the road, we bored his bro
Couldn't find Biggz
Gave him like twenty or more, no fibs (Oh sh*t)
p*ssed, should've got put in a spliff (I'm p*ssed)
Ayy, remember when I bored up uh
Had a smile on my face, that was funny as sh*t (Ha-ha)
'Cah I had the big man screamin' out "Mummy"
Nowhere near where his mumzy lives
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